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PostalZen is Making Mail More Convenient

Think about the last time you received a letter from a buddy. Let me guess… it didn’t take you long to remember. That’s because it was probably way more memorable than, say, an email. But let me ask you this: When was the last…

vertical harvest hydroponics

Q&A with Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

Alaska Startups recently had the opportunity to chat with Linda Janes, one of the founders of Vertical Harvest Hydroponics, an innovative startup in Alaska. Check out the full interview below: Q: What is Vertical Harvest Hydroponics, in a nutshell? Vertical Harvest…

magpie clothing exchange alaska

Eco-conscious Clothing in Alaska

Hannah Wright

Palmer, Alaska may be known for its scenic beauty, giant vegetables, and friendly residents—but with a population of 6,461, it’s never been known for its environmentally-conscious clothing options. That is, until a charming locally-owned clothing exchange entered the scene. Introducing…

startup burnout

5 Ways to Avoid Startup Burnout

Hannah Wright

Let’s face it: Starting up isn’t easy. If creating and managing a startup were easy, everyone would be doing it. At your best, you may feel like you’re on top of the world. At your worst, you may ask yourself why you…

creating a startup

Why Creating a Startup is the Best Learning Experience

If you’re a lifelong learner, hungry for new skills to conquer—then you should seriously consider creating a startup. Why? Because you’ll learn more about how a business operates than any job you’ll ever have. And you’ll learn about all facets…

content marketing

The Importance of Content Marketing

Hannah Wright

Whether you’re a cutting-edge tech startup or a local bakery, content marketing can have a major impact on your business. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, a blog doesn’t sound all that important. But blogs and content marketing should be…

revenue plan

Generating Revenue: What’s your Business Model?

Hannah Wright

So, you’re about to launch your startup after months of preparation. It’s an exciting time. But have you thought about your business model? It’s extremely important to think about how your business will generate revenue. Sure, attracting interest and users is…

work remotely

How to Work Remotely

Hannah Wright

The phrase “work from home” used to be one that was associated primarily with online scams. While these scams still exist, working remotely is now an undeniable reality for many in the tech scene. Now, many companies are offering flexible…

email anyone in the world

How to Email Anyone in the World

I’ll admit it: I struggled with this post title. Why? Because “How to Start a Discussion with Anyone in the World” is what it really means. When we send a cold email, we’re starting a discussion with somebody–a real, breathing human…

how to get press for your startup

How to Get Press for Your Startup

Hannah Wright

Nobody said getting press was easy. If it were easy, every startup would be scoring TechCrunch write-ups. I’ve experimented with a number of different PR strategies over the years, and (after much trial and error) was able to land coverage in…