PostalZen is Making Mail More Convenient

Think about the last time you received a letter from a buddy. Let me guess… it didn’t take you long to remember. That’s because it was probably way more memorable than, say, an email. But let me ask you this: When was the last…

vertical harvest hydroponics

Q&A with Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

Alaska Startups recently had the opportunity to chat with Linda Janes, one of the founders of Vertical Harvest Hydroponics, an innovative startup in Alaska. Check out the full interview below: Q: What is Vertical Harvest Hydroponics, in a nutshell? Vertical Harvest…

magpie clothing exchange alaska

Eco-conscious Clothing in Alaska

Hannah Wright

Palmer, Alaska may be known for its scenic beauty, giant vegetables, and friendly residents—but with a population of 6,461, it’s never been known for its environmentally-conscious clothing options. That is, until a charming locally-owned clothing exchange entered the scene. Introducing…


High Hopes for Renewable Energy with Altaeros

Renata Ballesteros-Lopez

 Using Alaska’s Assets to Spark Innovation What are the most common obstacles to doing business in rural Alaska? Remoteness, harsh weather, and lack of infrastructure are almost always on top of the list. But for Altaeros Energies, an MIT wind…

Alaska co-op

Solutions and Snacks at the Sitka Food Cooperative

Renata Ballesteros-Lopez

Few topics cause as much shock and grief as the one of food prices in the rural Arctic: The famous $10 milk gallon, the $6 pack of flour and the $7 loaf of bread are only a few examples that…

Alaska entrepreneurship

Flourishing Entrepreneurship at King Career Center

Renata Ballesteros-Lopez

The Business Industries class at the Martin Luther King Career Center (KCC) is a unique type of classroom. Here, high school students from all corners of the Anchorage School District do not just sit at lectures—they actually get to research,…