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“Where to Startup” is AEDC’s 10-part video series for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Dreamers. The series explains how to successfully launch and grow a business in Alaska.

Define Entrepreneurship

Ten Alaskan entrepreneurs define entrepreneurship. They give tips on how to successfully grow you startup in Alaska.


First Steps and Crowdfunding 

John Bittner, Deputy Commissioner, explains why now is a great time to be an entrepreneur in Alaska. He discusses the importance of a pitch, crowdfunding, and how to effectively use online tools to learn and develop your startup.

“Be comfortable talking about yourself and talking about your idea.”


Market Research

Katherine Jenstrom, Co-Owner of The Boardroom, discusses the importance of market research. She explains how to identify your target market, collect client data, and understand your competitors.

“Do your market research early”


Structuring your Business

Andrew Mitton, Attorney at Vellum LLC, breaksdown how to incorporate your startup. He explains legal structures and intellectual property of starting a business.

“Most small business only need to look at 3 entity structures: Sole proprietorship, Limited liability company, and a corporation.”

“Every business needs a license”


Cash Flow

Darren Franz, Banking Manager at Wells Fargo, discusses the importance of financial planning and cash flow.


Investor Perspective and Business Planning

Eric McCallum, Investor and President of Arctic Wire Rope & Supply, discusses


Starting a Small Business


Branding & Marketing 


Web Development


Final Thoughts